Learn from the Masters of Songwriting


If you really feel that your calling is to become a songwriter, then ‘Grasshopper‘, you can learn many things from the masters of songwriting.

Its All in the Mix

So.. you are obviously a big music fan already yes? And perhaps you listen to different styles and genres of music. Well that’s just great because all of the most successful songwriters in the world have been influenced in some way by the music they have listened to and enjoyed over the years.

For example, songs composed and recorded by The Beatles were heavily influenced by American Rock ‘n’ Roll songs from artists such as Chuck Berry, Carl Perkins, The Everly Brothers and Little Richard. The Beatles poured all of these influences into a pot and mixed them together with their own personalities to create a new sound – The Beatles sound.

[If you do not know who The Beatles are, now would be a good time to find out!]

So dig out those songs you love, put them on the table, pull them apart and study them hard. Try to understand what makes them great. Listen to how they are the structured and how all the instrumentation and vocals blend together to create the overall sound. How do these songs make you feel? Do they remind you of happy or sad times in your life?

And now for a task which you may not enjoy so much..

We suggest that you also take a listen to song that’s you dislike or even hate but have become big hits, study them in the same way and try to understand why they appeal, it does not matter that they do not appeal to you.  You may well find that your own song writing will end up being influenced by some of these tunes.  Just keep yourself open to everything.

Knowledge is Everything

So when you are travelling on a bus or train, or just chilling, plug in some headphones and play some tunes, and take out that notebook from your Songwriters Survival Kit, and jot down your take on each song.

Music Rules – OK?


By listening closely to your own favourite (and not so favourite) songs, as suggested in Learn from the Masters of Songwriting, then you should become aware of the similarities between songs, in particular, they way a song is structured. For example … [Continue reading]